10x Factor


Innovate Perpetual Efficiency
An Advisory & Agency for applied Research & Development to Commercially grow Digital Reality Workforce Guidance systems for accelerating the next-generation Mining industry operating model, as part of the Mining Equipment, Technology & Services (METS) sector.
Providing Development, Marketing to Sales, Delivery and Training Services for integrating ecosystems of disruptive technologies through IP registration, pilot and production phases, incorporating AI-ML-DL, IoT, Cloud, Network, Digital Twins & UAV / RPAS systems.
+ #1 Talent

Ambitious creative curiosity

+ #2. Expertise

Systemising knowledge in cutting-edge/advanced digital technologies for next-gen business models

+ #3. Innovation

First moving innovators to join the dots

+ #4. Collaboration

Genuine partnerships founded on trust for mutual benefit

+ #5. Secure

CyberSecurity embedded IT/OT integration

+ ∞Connected

Trusted Servicing Experience