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The “internet” (e) created a revolution of interaction amongst man.

The “internet of things” (IoT) is creating a revolution of interaction amongst man & machine.

The “industrial internet of things” (IIoT) will create a revolution of interaction amongst business & machine.

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is about applying IoT to release the 99% of data trapped in the OT side of the business, that is inefficiently being manually handled & manipulated for ineffective, reactive outcomes. In other words, only 1%* of data is executed in strategic decisions.

Imagine, from a controlled risk perspective, what connecting & utilising another 1% of OT data(a 100% increase), on an integrated IOT AI Platform could do for business decision performance in terms of optimising production capacity costs & revenue gains?

In the era of innovators & digital natives, wise performance can be achieved in days & weeks, identifying 1% data liberation use cases for iterative validation. Combined it produces the compound rapid scaling that is required for consistent competitive advantage. This also meets necessity(which is the mother of invention & by proverbial evolution, innovation), in global community demands for remodeling Industry 1.0-3.0 into 4.0 for transparent transition to ESG & SDG guidelines & timelines.

The challenge is pushing through existing organisational cultural & information technology barriers, blockers & blindspots. This can only be achieved by introducing an externally diverse era of skills & experience with the latest toolkit. A regenerative tribe that can liberate the under utilised value in the existing system for perpetual wise performance.

As such, an evolutionary tribe like Rayven, founded to illuminate(Ray) the compound(ven) effect of liberated data!

Our low risk partnering proposition is to intelligently integrate your business with your myriad of sense data so you can directly extract real-time value chain breakthroughs, fast.

Don’t become legacy extinct, join our liberated evolution.


An Evangelising Technologist’s perspective About Rayven

Rayven is on a mission to serve transformation of industrials into future ecosystem efficient, agile, and resilient operations through integrated, interoperable, software-centric industrial automation and optimised business solutions. Our model is genuine partnerships practising our adaptive approach for propelling progressive sustainability in a reenergised world.

The Rayven Dynamix platform, is an IoT AI framework system architecture that connects data in an enterprise, from the Ground to the Cloud; delivering enhanced safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability; at speed.


*Source: McKinsey Basic Materials Practice