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A digital platform system to address the following business problems:

  1. The existing Workforce/Time Attendance Management Systems products   are no longer meeting the needs of the mine operation.  Company is seeking a replacement system that provides the core functionality & excellent support
  2. Effectively managing contract companies and their workers on site is a critical operational process in which improvements in efficiency and compliance are sought ensuring approved works within the Departments aligned to Scope
  3. Prevent the risk of a contractor team not being adequately identified and hence not having the appropriate level of interaction with Supervisor personnel nor effective Monitoring and Verification in place
  4. Require a single source of truth database of Vendor information and tracking   including approved Scope of Work, Risk Assessment, Authority to Work, Timesheets, Monitoring and Verification, and live tracking of individual contractors who are onsite


The Corehesion solution is an integrated module system offering an operational and mining industry specific execution phase People Contractor Management (CMF) & optional Equipment Introduction to Site (ITS) system, born on site to address contractor porosity and the challenges associated with frontline management and accountability of contractor & equipment cost and compliance.

The solution was built during extensive on-site experience and collaborative development with front-line people at major mine site operations aligned to the high-level scope requirements that provides Operational units an easily managed and modified solution that is a fully featured productionised platform for Company and Contractor users.